Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WPA Hole 169

Security Word recently found vulnerability on WPA2 Enterprise encryption. Researchers have found vulnerability in the WPA2 encryption protocol. It is currently the strongest encryption way and is used in many many businesses and homes out the world. They are calling to the vulnerability as hole 196 because the vulnerability was discovered on page 196 of the 802.11 IEEE standard.
If you read the details of the exploit, you will learn that hackers must be authenticated and authorized on the WPA2 network to begin with. Once authorized, the user can use exploits to decrypt and/ or inject packets which are malicious into other users “secure” wireless traffic. It means the vulnerability can be exploited by a man-in-the middle attack according the researcher, this means that an unauthorized user can decrypt packets and sniffing the network using open source software.
WPA2 knows as the most secure Wireless encryption method available today. So this is big, big news. Hole 196 is zero-day now which means the security researchers have not yet found a patch for the vulnerability.

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